Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The strangest things warm my heart......

Yes.....this looks like just a rather large bowl of spaghetti next to a pudding snak pak in high school cafeteria lighting......but no no..  I do the accounting for a place called the Potter's House and had to go there Monday night to "work".  I was dreading going because it had been a long weekend of traveling and little sleep.  I walk in to find a house full of girls smiling, cooking, and tending to a counter FULL of desserts.  I had to reorient myself because I really thought I had stepped into an alternate universe somehow.  These smiling faces were the girls of Gamma Alpha Lambda (GAL) on the MSU campus.  They offered to fix me a plate (strangely at 8pm I still had not eaten dinner) and then said, "Hey do you want all these leftovers?"  Later as I worked upstairs, one of the girls brought up a huge silver platter (no joke) of spaghetti and sauce and laid it on the desk.  I forgot to take a pic of it while on the massive platter, but it completely made my night.  I smiled so much sitting there with a mountain of spaghetti and sauce.....who knew?  a silver platter of spaghetti and sauce warms my heart.....take note i guess. :c)  Thank you to GAL!  You definitely lifted my spirits!!  And thank you for all you do at the Potter's House!

so i'm recording on Saturday!!!!  Next week I will let you in on the utter mayhem that will undoubtedly occur....Remind me to tell you about my car situation.... 

lee ellen :c)


  1. I'm so glad we could warm your heart. You warm my heart everytime I see you so I am glad to be able to be a part of returning the favor. Love you!

  2. You are fabulous. I love your blog. And your face. Your simple pleasures are encouraging and I can't wait to see you record. The end ;)

  3. Lee Ellen, I ran onto your blog when I discovered Jen's. My wife and I have been going to Riverbluff for a few weeks now and we love it when you are singing! I can not wait to hear more about your CD. I hope all goes well for you Saturday!

  4. I loved getting to see your face when you got the warmed my heart!! :) Thank you for all you do at Potter's :) <3 Melissa