Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I've been listening to the radio ALOT! The CD player in my vehicle is not working, and, like sushi, I continue to give mainstream music a good solid effort. For those of you familiar with "what's on," I'm baffled that currently Rihanna cannot remember her name.... I do try to sing along with Katy Perry's "Firework," but break into giggles during the chorus every time......"ah..ah..ah...hahahah." It works like that belly laugh game for me, which the goal is not to laugh but usually everyone does. If at least one person knows the game I'm referencing, this moment has been a success. And believe me, the radio goes "Back to December ALL THE TIME," thanks to Miss Swift. I don't hate most of these songs. The volume goes up when a bright spot like Mumford & Sons', "Little Lion Man" comes on....once a week or so. The songs that are repeated SO often are just not usually songs I would......repeat? Aside from that, recently I've noticed an increased play of Leona Lewis', "Bleeding Love." My theory is that radio stations do that when someone is about to come out with something new. I will listen to songs like this one and Jordin Sparks', "Battlefield" solely for the moment where the beat changes. In "Battlefield," this moment occurs when she sings, "You better go and get your armor." I love to feel the song become more fluid and it almost feels like slow motion. To me, it's the same experience when the landing gear on an airplane loses contact with the runway at takeoff. Or when a horse is trotting and breaks into a canter.

I was thinking about all of this in the car the other day and remembered a story. I rode horses alot growing up. I'm kind of an urban cowgirl though. I can't claim full authenticity. :) So this one time, my mom, dad, sister, and I were on a trail ride near our house. My sister and I were riding horses that weren't ours. If I remember correctly, there names were "Petey" and "Zach." I was in the front, and Sarah Beth was behind me followed by my parents. The horses knew the trails so well that they know when you are heading back to the barn. Our ride began right before they were usually fed every night. We were just taking a leisurely trail ride and enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, Petey blasts off like I kicked him in the flanks with spurs. I knew my parents didn't want their horses to run so I tried to slow him down. For those of you well-versed in horses, you have to "show them who's boss" or they will "try" you the entire ride. So I was doing everything I had been taught to get him to stop but to no avail. Somewhere deep inside I didn't mind it though because I love when horses canter (run). On a trail ride, horses typically follow the leader so all four horses were running. My parents were yelling at me to stop, and my sister and I were laughing uncontrollably (problem #1) while trying to stop our horses. When trying to get a horse under control in my experience, they typically walk sideways and buck alittle bit. Well in this case, he was running sideways back and forth on a narrow trail but luckily not bucking. My parents got their horses to stop, but my sister was still right behind me. At this point, I realized the horses knew it was dinnertime and they wanted to be ON TIME! I asked my sister if she was okay to keep running, and she said she was so finally I just pushed my heels down and enjoyed the ride. The horse knew exactly where he was going and knew the trail better than I did. My sister and I just laughed like maniacs all the way back to the barn. This is how I feel about the subject to this post. I have tried everything to get control of this move.....control of my next step......control of where I'm going. I've decided that I trust the horse. My horse knows where He's going and knows the trail much better than I do.

I'M MOVING TO LOS ANGELES!!! And I will not be late for dinner..... :c)