Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two words.......chai cupcakes......

I am so overwhelmed lately with kindness from so many!  It is certainly not a bad way to be overwhelmed. :c)
For those of you new to the madness that mixes together to make up me, I LOVE to be cared for.  I'm quite independent, but if you willingly "hold me up" in any way I definitely receive it.  Now, one might say, "who doesn't like to be cared for?"  I think that everyone deep down likes it, but not everyone is able to receive it easily or well.  I receive it well, but get all freaked out when attempting to actively care for others.  

I say that to offer great appreciation to the people that have been encouraging and loving me.  I love when people make me things.  A friend I've known since freshman year of college came to town and stayed with me last night.  She brought me homemade cupcakes......chai tea cupcakes.  Somehow she steeped some chai tea and put it into the cake mix and made a special spice-ish frosting!  Another fact about me, I love miniature things......from my brother's micro machines to travel sized things to......chai cupcakes.  Thanks, Sarah. :c)

Four of my family members came into Springfield to visit me this weekend!  Thanks Mom, Dad, SB, and KB!

This picture was taken by Mike.  He and his wife attended the show at Big Momma's Thursday night.  He took this pic of me and posted a blurb about his experience on his blog.  Thank you for the encouragement, Mike.  Your words mean so much.  Check out his blog http://ozarkphotos.blogspot.com  
Thanks to everyone that has posted on here or encouraged me in any way.  It's amazing what a difference you make.    

p.s. I stopped listening to "Thinking of You" because it was negatively affecting my mood, but I love her song "I Think I'm Ready"............ I CAN relate to that one :c)

-lee ellen 

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