Friday, March 5, 2010

Going home.....

So I finally posted the video requested by Dominic. It's a tough song!

My parents surprised me AGAIN at my gig last weekend. So supportive and sweet! I mentioned when they were here that I need to come home and get my taxes done soon.....
Dad calls me on Monday to say, "You're booked to play a gig at Sweetbay Coffee on Friday night." Sweetbay Coffee is in my hometown. haha So I'm traveling home to Arkansas this weekend. Somehow, I have yet to play a gig in my hometown so ya's time. :c) I'm from a pretty small town. Dad convinced the owner to keep the coffee shop open from 8:30-10:30 because I couldn't make it into town until then....haha yep working LATE on a Friday night ;) ;)

It's funny because the only singing Van Buren probably knows me for is singing with the high school jazz band and singing the national anthem at football and basketball games my senior year. Oh and winning the Crawford County Talent Contest (in 2000 I think) haha but no one probably even knows that!

I didn't even pick up a guitar until 2002, I guess, so I've played and sang for my church family sometimes when I'm home but that's it. Van Buren will experience an updated version of Little Miss Lee Ellen tonight. haha I'm looking forward to being home this weekend. :c) Yay home sweet home!