Monday, February 16, 2009

so......i have a confession to's not bad, just not what i'd expect myself to be confessing i guess.  so the last few days i have been listening to a song from the radio.......

ummmm "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry  it's kind of addictive to me.  should i be concerned? :c)  i don't have a personal connection with the lyrics, which tends to usually be my pull toward a song.  I would say I would like to cover it sometime, but I can't honestly sing the lyrics and stay true to myself so I guess I won't.  I will resign to singing it in the car and while I clean the house and stuff...but man it's fun to sing.  it's really the melody line of the chorus somehow.....i don't know....i'm a bit baffled by it.  it kind of makes me think of how it seems readers of the Twilight series feel.  I get concerned about HOW taken people are with "not being able to put the book down" and such.  I'm not concerned about the content as much as the somehow entrancing, mesmerizing affect it seems to have on EVERYONE.  hmmm anyway......

my car is totaled.  i HAVE to buy a vehicle ummm yesterday.  i'm a smidge picky.  i hate making decisions.  

all of these truths are quite frustrating when smooshed all together into my current situation.  R.I.P to the Tracer.  She took me as far north as Womelsdorf, PA and south to Baton Rouge, LA. 
UPDATE!  I'm playing with several other amazing local musicians at Big Momma's on Commercial Street Thursday, February 19th.  My set is at 8:40pm!  I'm going to play my NEW song!!!


  1. I am so excited for the sneak preview of your new song tomorrow! And I'm going to try to come on Thursday! And I love you!!!

  2. So...ummm...I'll be praying about your "Nissan Frontier" :) Loved getting to hear you last night!!! You have such a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing with us!! <3 Melissa

  3. Great session at Big Momma's tonight! You have a fantastic gift!