Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Back to the Definition of Romantic

So I think I've told you guys before that I'm a "hopeless romantic".......well I've always known I am in my thought life anyway. I usually think of more than one way that I could be surprised or "romanced," I guess, in just about every situation in life.

Seriously, I recall while living in Memphis and working in a clothing store in the mall, I would often find myself refolding the entire jean wall, yes wall, and daydreaming that I would look to the entrance of the store and see a certain guy, living more than one state away from me at the time, standing at the entrance with flowers and a smile.

Or that I'd go to see the Swell Season in concert, and out of nowhere Glen Hansard would say, "Now, we'd like to pick someone to come up and sing this one with us. You the 157th row yes you.....who looks just like everyone else. Come sing with us." And then of course I would fall in love with an Irish guy in his tour crew, and that would be my romantic mind. :c) I know! I'm still just a little girl wearing plastic, dress-up heels, and my mom's makeup in dreamy, swoony, stomach fluttery ways.

So lately I've noticed that I'm single....I've noticed :c) But I've felt so swoony and seen romance in new and different situations so I felt compelled to look up the definition of romantic.

Romantic-1. fanciful; impractical; unrealistic
2. imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry, etc.
3. characterized by a preoccupation with love or by the idealizing of love or one's beloved.
4. displaying or expressing love or strong affection.
5. of, relating to, or constituting the part of the hero especially in a light comedy <--haha the "hero" true though!

So romance without the falling in love part? yeeeessssss Here are a few "romantic" things I have noticed recently:

My parents surprised me by driving 3 hours to see my gig Friday night, and then drove 3 hours back home after I finished. They got home at 2am and my Dad had to help with a breakfast at 7:30am!! So this one falls under definitions 1 and 3. Impractical and unrealistic, expressing love and strong affection. Definitely romantic, but we wouldn't typically call it that because it's not a "significant other" I'm talking about.

When in Dallas for a wedding a few months ago, I decided on my drive to Dallas that I would drive six additional hours roundtrip on to Houston to see a friend and visit a recording studio. This one falls under definitions 1 and 2. I felt impractical, but also adventurous and spontaneous! I was DOING something romantic, but it wasn't necessarily FOR anyone.

And just today, I had a realization that I am rejecting some possible romantic moments in my life. Again, try to refrain from only thinking of romantic in terms of "boy meets girl." I borrowed some equipment from a male friend recently and returned it today. The equipment is rather heavy. Keep in mind I have A) been living on my own for the past two years and B) am single. I have gotten used to "pulling my own weight" if you will. I felt like since I borrowed the equipment, I should return it......all by myself. When I asked where I should put the equipment, he said he would take care of it. When I responded with a, "no no I'll get it..." kind of comment, he said, "Lee Ellen, I'm not trying to challenge you. I know you are big and strong." Instantly, memories of me telling him how I had chucked my 50 lb. dog over a fence came rushing back. I was caught though. I would like to believe that I just wanted to selflessly and responsibly return the equipment, but I wanted to put on my Miss Independent hat while I did it. By doing so, I would've missed Definition 2: chivalry

Sidenote: I think many of us young women have lost the respect we should have for the men in our lives. Some of that respect can be bestowed in simply letting men be chivalrous! Don't give up on me guys! I'm working on it. I'm working especially hard for one of you out there......but I'm not sure who yet.... :c)

Look for the romance in your life! Even when you aren't having a "boy meets girl" time, things are romantic.....they are!!!

This is a pic of me at VanSmith Studio on Saturday!! Thanks to Jennifer Rodick!

Tomorrow: driving to Maryville to play at Northwest Missouri State University
Thursday: flying to Houston to work with Red Tree Music Group all weekend

Martin Luther King, Jr., he was a romantic guy certainly in more ways than one. G'night!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I've had on my to do list to update this and put up a new video for a while now. I probably won't get a new video done for a few weeks because......ALOT OF EXCITING STUFF IS HAPPENING! But before that, this picture is of my sister, Sarah Beth, and I singing some Christmas songs for the family at my grandmother's house on Christmas morning. Apparently we were singing an "o" sound of some sort at this specific moment. :c) I love singing with my sister. There is a deep familiarity and comfort there that just makes it click every time. I'm going to make this a quick post so I can continue getting ready for my crazy next few weeks. Here's the plan:

January 15th- gig at Heroes Coffee 8-10:30pm featuring Matt Harp on guitar

January 16th- recording all day with David Smith at VanSmith Studio woohoo!

January 19th- driving up to Maryville, MO to play a gig at Northwest Missouri State University from 6:30-8pm

January 21st- flying to Houston

January 22nd- preproduction in the studio and Songwriter's Night in Houston at 7:30pm

January 23rd- recording all day with Red Tree Music Group

January 24th- visit Katie's church and fly back home

WHEW! I feel so blessed! Thank you for your endless support. I will hopefully have a little 5 song EP to distribute when I finish at VanSmith Studio! Yay for a busy and fun January! Now, back to practicing for the gig Friday night. See ya there!