Sunday, December 13, 2009


So lately I've been dealing with all kinds of fences. With all these fences, I've noticed that they serve two purposes; they keep some things out, and they keep some things in. It's figuring out which things belong where that gets confusing sometimes.

How do we go about knowing what should be in and what should be out? Fences are protective and intimate. It's important to guard what's yours, but also to let some in that want to care about you. By doing so, we in some ways guard those we love with the fences that guard ourselves. So who's in and who's out? I have a list in my head of who is roaming around in my yard, some who occasionally come to the fence to get the general idea of my yard, and some who are completely kept from the fence line. Oh and there's no one in my house. I'm pretty sure there's only one person that would ever be in my house.

I love when there are people in my life that just naturally land in the right place in the yard analogy. Even with the people kept out, there is a certain peace and comfort when the distance or closeness is mutually decided. It's those that want in without an invitation and those that don't want in but are invited that disrupt our calm. Though these are the most difficult, it makes me walk my fence lines and more boldly know myself. With these necessary journeys, I can re-enter my home with a better sense of my fingers and toes, my property lines, my relationships, my fences....

About 20 more postcards to write! I'm calling the recording studio this week to schedule my recording time!!! I know I know....It's about dang time!!