Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Name Game

Short Blog Day 2

So you know how people say, "I can't remember names, but I never forget a face."  That is not me.  I remember names pretty easily.  I love names.  I work at a coffee shop, and we place a great importance on knowing our customers.  I guess I'm a visual learner because once I see your name on a credit card receipt or written or typed anywhere, it's in my memory.  If I say it a couple times soon after seeing it, that solidifies it.

When I was younger and went to my older sister's choir concerts, I would read the program and watch for each soloist.  Once a soloist was singing I would match their face with the name of the soloist in the program.  In high school, several students got small solos.  After that, any time my sister would talk about someone in choir (ex. Mike walked me to class).  Without thinking I would say, "Oh Mike Mankin?"  I don't know why I remember names.  Most people find that endearing I think.  It's nice to be remembered.  But in LA..........people think you must be stalking them.

At the coffee shop the other day, one of our regulars walked in and I said his first and last name without hesitation.  His eyes narrowed and he immediately said, "Did you just say my last name?"  Honest Abe here says, "Oh yeah, I saw it on your credit card receipt."  His eyes widen.  I realize he might actually be concerned so I go into joking mode.  "I also memorized your credit card number and your address."  Three nervous laughs did not go well.

Because names are usually easy for me, it kinda freaks me out when I come across people who's name I cannot seem to remember.  I don't know what makes most names stick and then a few don't.

After my first gig in LA back in June, I went home and wrote down the 46 names of all who attended to thank God for them.  WEIRDY.  I promise I just love names.  If you tell me your full name, my heart will melt alittle because I want to have it in my memory SO BAD.  SERIOUS. 

My name is Lee Ellen Starks.  What's yours?

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  1. Melissa Kay Hill, but you may call me Meli or Melimoo or Meli Kelekimaka or any other assortment of names you and Kat have come up with! ;) hehehe