Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Short blog Day 1:

It took my cousin and my sister about 5 minutes to convince me that MacGyver was my real Dad when I was little.  They told me a whole story about how he was so busy filming that he had my parents take care of me.  I took this news surprisingly well.  I still loved the Dad I grew up with, but it made total sense to me that my real Dad was off saving the world with gadgets made out of clothes hangers and chewing gum.  I forgave his absence without a second thought, and eagerly started telling people at school about my true family tree.  I'm not sure if I should be more concerned with how easily I was convinced or how good I was at convincing others.

I still think MacGyver is pretty awesome.

He is not my real Dad in case that wasn't clear. :)

I just wrote and recorded the theme song to my friends' new web series Land of Unicorns!  The first episode will be released Thursday, January 31st! Check it out!!! Land of Unicorns

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