Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Songwriters I Admire and Meet

So I had a last minute performance at Room 5 Lounge last night.   I found out a couple of days before the show that Emily Elbert was in the lineup to play the same night!  I was immediately extremely excited and nervous at the same time.  Click on her name to get to her website.  Check out her music.  She is so great! 

What's crazy is that I did a youtube cover of her song "All is Love" four years ago.  And then, there I was about to be playing on the same night at the same venue as her. Surreal!  I acted really silly when I met her and couldn't think of things to say.  Note that, if I like you I will probably be shy and giddy.  That goes for girls I admire as well as boys I like. :)  My brain can't even comprehend what she does on her guitar.  Look up her acoustic version of "Thriller." INSANE!

This is funny to me because I also linked my "I Can't Make You Love Me" cover to Tony Lucca's Youtube video.  And I met him last year at a gig at Room 5.

The best yet is that the first video I ever uploaded to Youtube is a cover of Kathleen Wilhoite's "Wish We Never Met."  I got a message on Youtube that said, "I like your cover of my Mom's song."  I wrote her back saying, "Are you telling me you are Kathleen Wilhoite's daughter?"  She wrote back confirming she was, but honestly I didn't believe her.  The next week Kathleen Wilhoite walks into the coffee shop where I work.  After we properly met, I said, "I love your music."  And she said, "Compliment received!"  She also confirmed that her daughter had her watch the video of my cover of her song.  Somehow I managed to not faint.  Craziness! Small world!

So the moral of these stories is that I hope I continue to meet the songwriters of the Youtube video songs I've covered.  Specifically Lori McKenna and Patty Griffin. :)  My heart just started beating fast when I typed that. EEEEE!

I wrote a new song and performed it last night.  It was loud.....on purpose.  Here's to more songs bumbling out. G'night!

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