Thursday, April 25, 2013

Such is LIFE

My left foot is currently submerged in a cooler of ice and water.  I'm trying to distract myself from the discomfort by writing.  I'll get back to that explanation later.  It's been wedding season for me the last few months.  I traveled to New Orleans for the wedding of my childhood best friend.  We met at the age of five.  That's some history!  I sang a cappella as she walked down the aisle in Jackson Square.

  It was pretty special to see her be a bride.  She was the first friend I girl-geeked out with talking about weddings and boys via Barbies.  One year for Halloween, I dressed up as a bride.  She dressed up as one of the Disney princesses the same year.  I was never described as a tom-boy or any of the less girly-girl type comments when I was younger.  I actually told my mother as a young child that I only wanted to wear dresses because my brother wore pants and he was a boy.  Well well.  And I had an older sister who wore pants so I created that idea all by myself.  
This is a picture of Jennifer and I  circa. 1989ish.  We used to wear matching outfits and convince people that we were twins.  I'm so thankful to still be in touch with a friend I knew that long ago.  It's weird what you remember.  I remember that her room was lavender with a huge rainbow painted on it.  I remember eating those spicy cheese flavored fries you could get in a vending machine after gymnastics class.  I remember running from the living room couch in her house to the den couch with her schnauzer, Salty, chasing us while singing the Beach Boys, "Barbara Ann," at the top of our lungs. Well this would be a very long blog if I continued with all the random memories.  Anyway, I feel really blessed to have a friend of twenty-five years.  She's been one of my biggest fans musically since I sang alittle Martina McBride in my first talent contest about 15 years ago.  Anyway back to the present, I got to participate in a historical tradition of New Orleans called, "Second Line."  Police escorted the entire wedding through the French Quarter while a quartet led the parade.  It was an incredible experience.  I couldn't find a picture that really captured the excitement, but the bride and groom carry decorated umbrellas while the rest of the wedding party and guests shake handkerchiefs.
Less than a month later, I was in Kansas City at another wedding.  This was a friend from college.  I was blessed to play music with some great friends all through college.  The wedding was a reunion for us as much as a celebration for Chad and Erin.
Most of us have spread across the US geographically now.  Here's alittle sample of one of the songs we worked up for the wedding. It was still a work in progress during this take. Video Link hmmm good times and good memories unearthed during both weddings.  
Life is good.  I've been adventuring about, which brings me back to the beginning of this blog with me icing my foot.  I was walking Tolmi, stepped on some unlevel grass, and hit the ground last night.  I now have a massive swollen foot......I was walking Tolmi.....walking.  yep.

I've got a show coming up!  And I'm turning 30 next week.  Big things. Big times. Stay tuned.  I'll try to be funny next time. :)

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