Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my first blog!

Welcome to the ever-intriguing.....or at least entertaining world of my daily life! I will be updating this blog regularly to keep you informed about my music. For the first post, I just wanted to let you know that I'm scheduled to begin recording my first CD February 7th!!! woohoo! To serve a little appetizer....here's a clip of me singing an old folk song at a gig in 2007....i love singing this song :c)


  1. Lee Ellen!

    I miss your face every week. :-)
    Yay for you blogging!

    dear people,

    have her sing for you. you will like it. promise.

  2. This is your friend Stephen from Memphis! :D Glad to see you join the world of bloggers, I am now following yours with interest.

    Best of luck going forward, all of our prayers are with you. :)

    Make that CD so i can buy it!

  3. Your voice is so beautiful!! Hope you are doing well!