Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing...........Tolmi Soccer!

Let me take this moment to apologize for my ridiculous "talking to Tolmi" voice in this video.... Tolmi does this on a regular basis at my house, but he usually stops before I get the camera out.  I find it extremely entertaining so I thought I'd share. :c) 

So I took Tolmi for a walk right as the sun set below the horizon today.  Ya know when it looks like everything is lit from the light down the hall.  I caught myself thinking about how I always admire those parents that I see out with the strollers, taking a walk with the kids.  It seems like another thing to add into a crazy, busy day so thank you to those parents!  But I feel like I was let in on a little secret tonight...... As I walked Tolmi, I felt satisfied because I was doing something for Tolmi and he was undoubtedly pleased.  Then, I noticed that I was relaxing even with the consistent tug on my arm from Tolmi reminding of the reality of the moment.  It's some mixture of that lifeline anchoring you in reality, plus the way the air comes at you when walking briskly that happens to give you the opportunity to let go for abit.  I was suddenly seeing everything creatively, fairly comfortable in my own skin, and every thought I had about my surroundings seemed almost like the beginning of a poem....or a song maybe.  I walked through a little park, and noticed a significant increase in lightning bugs all around.  Then, I walked past a hospital and noticed the lack of lightning bugs in the grassy areas in that area.  Many symbolic, life thoughts about the bugs themselves and why they congregate where they do and how that relates to people and the fact that their lights blink off and on........yes many thoughts........ah but I need to take Tolmi on walks more often in the cool of the evening.

Music update: I'm playing a gig at the Potter's House this Saturday, July 11th.  Probably around 8pm, but I'll confirm that as soon as I know!  Good night! :c) 


  1. I'm a little bit sad that I will not be able to be there on Saturday...stupid work. :(

    Thanks for sharing this Lee Lee...I love your heart!! :)

  2. I love it! :D

    Wish I could be at your gig. Knock em dead!